2 years

Starting Date

February, September

Tuition Fee

€ 7,500 per semester


Copenhagen, Denmark

About the programme

Food technology is an innovative, exciting, and highly interdisciplinary field of study; meeting the challenges related to global market requirements, changing consumer demands, sustainability, social responsibility, and competitiveness requires knowledge in a wide range of areas.

Food Technology at DTU is thus an interdisciplinary study programme involving different departments and disciplines, including microbiology, biochemistry, physics, chemical engineering, and engineering.

Study programme focus

The Food Technology programme at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) aims to provide you with profound analytical, design, and development skills in terms of technologies and processes.

The programme covers a wide range of courses in technical fields of activity, food science, management, and communication. In addition, the food industry and other external stakeholders also play an active role on the programme, allowing you to work with highly relevant, real-life issues and projects.

Career Opportunities

With an MSc degree in MSc programme in Food Technology at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) you will have the qualifications to work in food companies and related industries engaged in production, quality, and safety in production chains—both in Denmark and internationally. Furthermore, you will be able to work in industries involved in the manufacture of food production equipment, and in the consultancy industry providing scientific advice and personal consultancy services.

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